Wednesday, April 17, 2019

HOK, a global AE practice, known for their designs and technology expertise is closely working with Opus on the concept and master panning to give a master touch to the large projects. Spread across a global network of 23 offices on three continents, HOK is ranked among the leading firms as a global provider of planning, design and delivery.
AC Nielsen is an international marketing research company which operates in more than 100 countries. AC Neilson has carried out marketing and feasibility studies for the Opus projects. Projecting a more complete view of the markets and a better understanding of consumers.
ARCOP is an international architectural consultancy organization that provides a full range of standard architectural services. ARCOP is offering master planning services (national) to Opus for planning and urban design of residential, multi-use development projects and townships.
STUP Consultants P. Ltd. is a full service project delivery consultancy company offering integrated planning, architectural, engineering and project management services. STUP is the infrastructure planning consultant for Opus projects.,

At Opus we follow the policy of engaging the best practices to give a distinct and unique touch to our projects, using latest trends in planning and engineering.






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