Wednesday, April 17, 2019





Neo Delhi
Delhi NCR

Features of the Project
Complementary yet competitive positioning: Create an attractive entertainment center on a
regional and national scale.
A place for every age: A diverse mix of uses organized around quality indoor and outdoor
Pedestrian oriented development: Establish walkable and integrated mixed-use
Sustainable Development: Development with consideration for social, economic and
environmental sustainability.
High Quality Amenities: A range of amenities for a conducive environment to relax and enjoy
within walkable distance from home.
Location and Convenience: Intelligent land use organization to maximize commercial
opportunities and provide workable adjacencies between different uses.
Safety and Security: An environment conducive for everyone; children, the elderly, adults and
Walkable Green Environment: An emphasis on walkability, use of bikes and landscape green
Capitalize on Openness and Proximity to Water: Capture the fantastic advantage open fields.
Unique Neighborhood Identity: Create a sense of belonging and ownership where the
residents would like to take care of their own surroundings.


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